SAMBHAAV MEDIA LIMITED (SML) through its wholly owned subsidiary company VED TECHNOSERVE INDIA PVT LTD, has entered into new foray of ELECTRIC SMART POWER FENCE. M/S BHARAT ELECTRONICS LTD (BEL) has assigned as pilot project for “PATHANKOT AIRBASE”.

This project involved in Supply, Installation, Testing, Integration & Commissioning and Training for the work of Electrical Smart Power Fence (ESPF) for IPSS Pilot Project at Pathankot with a comprehensive onsite maintenance contract.

BEL has 22 other Indian Air Force (IAF) sites, which after successful acceptance can be allotted through tender. The company is looking forward to not only the IAF Projects but there are more than 150 Airports also in India. There are other areas for similar opportunities which the company is exploring.

Simply entering this lucrative business area is a matter of pride for the company and going forward we hope to capitalize on this opportunity to yield better returns.