The legacy of Abhiyaan, one of the largest Gujarati magazines with a strong market presence and commendable circulation in the upper echelons of Gujarati the world over, speaks volumes about the corporate philosophy of Sambhaav to think contemporary and embrace the societal and perceptional changes. Quintessentially catering to the readership palates of the suave and progressive Gujarati community. Abhiyaan has managed to garner an enviable recall and loyal readership not only in India, but also in the international markets with concentration in UK, USA and Australia.

Editorially sound and innovative packaging of thoughts, vision and ideas make Abhiyaan gain an edge over its competitors.

Having established itself as a brand that takes the bold and the objective stance, Abhiyaan has won the confidence of readers as well as stakeholders and is widely respected for its content that is strong with its cutting-edge Socio-Political stories and out of the box features on fashion, youth, beauty, life, food, religion, health, for that matter every single aspect that touches upon life. A strategic move to mark Abhiyaan’s presence online through its digitization drive added another dimension to the magazine. Abhiyaan, to its credit, had already witnessed impressive reader participation during various events and open forums. Participation on the social media platform has furthered Abhiyaan’s aims to gain a leadership position online.